Wednesday 1 April 2009


Lee has come over to the darkside and joined us in the world of apple mac computers! He was very very excited when the big special shiny box arrived with his new iMac...and now he's going apple crazy by wanting every apple item there is! So I thought I would create a few more items for you Lee!


mushroommeadows said...

lucky ducky! (I would so love that apple outfit! haha)

Lee said...

I'm loving the picture and guess what, I'm viewing it on my mac ! haha

I've got a few questions to ask you tomorrow about your blog, about how you got some of the settings the way you have.

I've got one now too !!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had a headache now I have a heartache for a brand new mac
Chocolate I'll forsake
The bus I will take
To save up for that.

I want the new way
Scroll, click and play on a desktop not a lap
I've got a heartache don't want the headache don't want my PC back.

Lee said...

I think we've got a new comer to the dark side. Then all three of us can have webcam chats with the webcams on our macs !!

Ian you've got to write a song about the MAC !!