Tuesday 14 April 2009


As I had a lovely surprise from Lee today... I thought I would do a little tribute to her like my earlier post 'dinner with sushi'. But you see, Lee is a lady of style and one of my little cute characters wouldn't be quite right, so I thought I'd try my hand at a 'lady of style'! After getting the illustration so I was happy with it I thought I would then play around with the colours and add some Maple leaves to link to being in Canada! So this is Lee, strolling down the street on her way to work... or the latest boutique! Hope you like it Lee!


Strawberries and Champagne said...

Oooohhh... She's lovely. I just wish I did look so stylish on my way to work!!!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous illustration as always


Anonymous said...

Wow, your work has a Cosmopolitan-Breakfast at Tiffanys-New York-yet homely feel. Very warm, engaging. . The Canadian smallest letter thing has a east coast Maine feel. What you have is that other thing that you can't put your finger on, but it is good, it's what engages you to people on a real level and what the marketing industry searches for everyday. I predict big success for you and your work. Just keep doing what you're doing and never change that style. I still want to do something with your work and style and my music.

ginger bred said...

Glad you like it Lee! he hee! I'm sure you look like this on the way to work!...I maybe should have included some snowflakes though! x

Also I would like to thank again for the lovely comments! It really does help me to keep going and it's really great to hear when people like what you do and can connect with it. I would love to work with your music - I can't wait!

Orchard Heroes said...

Thats some really great coloring and shading.

Estela said...

Hi, this is really a good blog and I really like your illustrations. I agree that I like your style and for sure you will not have any problem of finding what you want. I am really proud of you and I really like what you have done.

xxx Estela