Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Beaver Fever!

My lovely friend Sarah runs the local beaver group so asked me to design her a poster to advertise their recruitment... here it is! :)


CandiWare said...

soo cute I love it

dawn machell said...

ha ha it's fab!!
my little boy is going on his first Beaver sleepover on Friday x

Tracy said...

Adorable! OK, probably a silly question for you, but I'm here in KY in USA and I have nooooo idea what a "Beaver" is LOL! No, I know what an animal beaver is, and I know what a Justin Bieber is ;), just not one for a kiddo! Is this like scouts or something? :) Great poster!

Little Jackrabbits said...

Soooo sweet. I love it, he's so cute! Xo

ginger bred said...

He hee! Your comment made me giggle Tracey... I wasn't sure if my friends across the pond would know what it is... but you're right, it's like Scouts! We have Beavers, Cubs and Scouts...they are all similar but for different age groups. So you can start in Beavers and work your way up :)

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, glad you like it!! :)

strawberries and champagne said...

Billy Beaver yay! Love him :)

Tamara Henderson said...

cute beaver and i love his little outfit

Lovelia said...

Your poster is soooo cute! I want to be a Beaver too!!! :D Ouch! I am older than 8!

Unknown said...

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Sarah Martin said...

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