Wednesday, 2 May 2012

NYC Fun Times!

So... you guessed it, work is still keeping me very busy! Until I can show you some of the work I've been creating I thought I would share with you some snaps from my trip to NYC back in December. It's the first time I've visited New York and I must say I fell in love with the place... it's always been on my 'to do' list so I was majorly excited that we finally had the opportunity to go. So now... when can I go back?? My feet have never ached so much in all my life but it was worth every second, and I think we spent the whole 6 days wandering around in awe and disbelief that we were actually there (here's a very quick sketch to show you!) :)


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I am going in two weeks also for the first time. Am now even more excited!

ginger bred said...

Ohhh wow that's so exciting!! You are going to LOVE it!! Wish I was going again in 2 weeks :)

Make sure you have your most comfortable shoes with you... even they will become very uncomfortable but they are still the best option, he hee!

JS DANIEL said...

The sketch is so cute. I have also never been to NYC but we are planning on going maybe later this year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will keep that in mind. Will get an extra pack of blister plasters ^^

Unknown said...

i love NYC also! been only 1 time and wonder if this was really the city of big dreams! so awesome you're so busy, congrats for new works! :-)

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