Thursday 23 August 2012

Meet Maliki, Ahu and Paola

Hey everyone! If you follow me on facebook you will know that last week I spent some time working on a couple of commissions for someone special - a brand new little person who will be arriving in the world any day now! So I was asked to create something for Baby B's nursery that tied in with the colour theme and was personal to his/her mummy and daddy. So here's a few new friends that I'd like you to meet...

Firstly say hello to 'Maliki' the lovely little chameleon. His name means 'king' - he may be small but he sure is king around his local hangouts. He's a friendly little chap who loves to spend his spare time sitting on his favourite branch and watching the world go by. You may be concerned that he has his beady eye on the little bug... but don't worry that's his best friend Sid! Maliki is a vegetarian so isn't tempted by the 'bug' delicacy... instead his favourite food is cheese and chocolate chip cookies.

Now say a big hello to 'Ahu' and 'Paola' our pretty pair of penguins. These two cuties live on a small island near New Zealand hence their Maori names... Ahu meaning 'to look after' and Paola meaning 'small, humble' - I think you will know who is who! They both enjoy ice skating, fishing, playing hide and seek amongst the tree's and building snowmen.

I hope you like them! :)

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