Thursday 27 January 2011

gingerbred QR code

Ok... so I've got my little 'technical hat' on today and I'm getting to grips with technology! I've now got a QR code for gingerbred - so for all you peeps who have an iphone or other smart phone you may have an app that scans barcodes or QR codes (I've got a free one on my phone called red laser). So... if you scan in this image below then it takes you directly to my gingerbred website! Just a little something that highly amused me today, not sure how useful it will be right now but I'm thinking it might be a nice little thing to print on my business cards and mailers I send out. Oooo isn't technology great!! I know it's not my usual posting (it doesn't have a cute smiley face right!?)... but it still makes quite a nice graphic image I think?


Mindy Lou Hagan said...

Oh, how cool! I didn't even know that was something even possible. LoL! I'm definately behind in my technology. I love your site though and I agree, this definately still looks like some pretty cool art to me. ;)

Cassandra said...

Thats great!! I love technology! Endless possibilities and often good fun!!

Tracy said...

Oh wow, that is soooooooo cool! I love opening my magazines and seeing that little code on something I'm interested in and scanning it...I guess it's more novelty than anything! But you are indeed ahead in the game IMO because I've not seen or heard of anyone artsy fartsy :) utilizing this tool in this way (on your cards...what a great idea!) I will definitely scan your code for quick access to your site :) Love it! (btw, the "artsy fartsy" comment was in no way meant to be rude or anything! I'm artsy fartsy, too!) :)

Tracy said... I'm hooked! I googled about it and now I wanna make my OWN QR code! You are so cool! :)

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