Tuesday 14 April 2009

Little surprise!

When I got home from work today I had a little parcel waiting for me... and I mean little! It was the smallest letter I have ever received! I was absolutely delighted when I opened the little package to find a lovely letter from my best friend all the way over in Canada! It came complete with mini wax seal (with her initial on!) and a small magnifying glass to read the letter easily. I had to take photo's to put on here to show everyone! It was from a company called the worlds smallest postal service - I would recommend everyone sending one as it was such a lovely surprise! Thanks so much again to my sweet friend for such a sweet and thoughtful gift - it brought a smile to my face and really made my day!


Strawberries and Champagne said...
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Strawberries and Champagne said...

He hee, I knew it would be little but I didn't think it would be that tiny!!! Knew my Suzie Pops would love it, miss you xxx